Saturday, April 2, 2016

cute nail designs

Love nail art? Looking for some inspo for you to watch next spike? Well, look no further than here. If you are so obsessed with us as the evil eye, wait until you see how cold look on nails.
We tend to notice the trend of Instagram and since then fallen head over heels for the beautiful style, simple nails and incredibly stylish. You need to understand how to do this? Well, fortunately, they have a tendency to Adam Slee, the nails Global Ambassador on our Rimmel London shoot exactly how.
View: Ultra simple chat method Marble Nail Art
What do you want ...
Cling Rimmel London Super Gel Nails overdrawn up, five.99 £, to the right base naked. Then, when you're in the eye, we suggest that you use Accessorize White Out Nail Polish, £ 5 for the white base and Rimmel London Super Gel Nails in baby blue £ five.ninety nine colored nails Rimmel London Super Gel Punk rock, five.99 £ .
Mani synchronization evil eye gold rings Associate fresh peanuts evil eye with fresh gold rings
Wear it with ...
fabulous gold jewelry, do not be afraid to stack multiple rings to provide a Boho vibration. Keep your minimum accumulation with perhaps a flash inexperienced in their caps to go with attention to the blues, and the Bundesbank [* fr1] huno to [* fr1] bun down that celebrities are obsessed.
All you need to try is to click on the video to watch it and still produce alone.
Much pleasure!
Nail art is my life. And before I mastered a number of highly sophisticated air, I leaned work in a few simple nail technicians who seemed much more sophisticated to pull what they really were. When you have a lot of these simple techniques in your back pocket, you will never be a lot like a ten minutes (OK, maybe 0.5 hours while learning) have withdrawn from nails that appear as if they were extravagant Last nail art shop.
Note, like everything, leading even basic nail art to follow. I am one of those who get really pissed off when I'm not good while something, so I feel your pain. Points are apparently one of the known techniques of the most important because the nail, and the foundation of a million manicure, and can not build uniforms points to save a lot of my life. My purpose is, if you make these techniques sometimes you can find some that are not smart, but also some that make you want to clap on the back. Keep it up! Think of it as learning to braid her hair, or master a contour. If I'm not the only person on the planet who can not do any of these things to avoid waste of my life. Anyway, but this is different technologies spike simple technique is not exhaustive, is a base. Go ahead and be fabulous.1. Gradients and Ombre Nails
If you can master the slope, which is just very nice, but a bit confusing, extended a new world of beautiful nails. It will do this with almost any color. You will be able to do two or five colors. And gradients always looks spectacular, even when they are not big. After dominating the gradient, they strive to do in a few vinyls nails.
But do not forget to leave your polish dry completely before the introduction of vinyl.two. brightness gradients
In this guide how to characterize a glamorous shine spike cascade shown. You cam add sparkle to the top, or closer to your cuticles, two completely different versions of the same look. These are great for fine nights out and special occasions can always use, if you are interested in them.three. Without tool Cuteness
If you do not have the tools or sponges or vinyl scattered, you will be able to continue making art of simple, beautiful nails, with only Polish. Here are a couple of tutorials that are bright, fun and free updates. You can learn floral, a band / rainbow, a braid, a selected style, and a rabbit.

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